So far, so good.  Last night after going to bed I had some pain where my gallbladder was that felt sort of like a phantom gallbladder attack.  It was the muscles in the area clenching a bit, but it wasn’t anything horrible and nowhere near as bad as a real attack.  It went away after about 10 minutes, and I figured it was just my muscles getting adjusted to the new arrangements down there.

Breakfast this morning was an egg and piece of wheat toast, with three squirts of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”  It was the first real, solid food I’d eaten since surgery, aside from the saltine crackers.  I didn’t have any problems with it at all, which was a great relief to me.

I’ve been keeping to taking my pain meds every four hours like clockwork, which means my friend got me up at 12:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. with some crackers to eat before having the pills (to avoid an upset stomach).  After taking my pill with breakfast I felt tired, so took a nap.  I tried to turn onto my side to sleep while napping.  Big mistake!  I felt the stitches at my belly button pull, and it’s been a bit sore since then.  I mostly feel it when I’m laying down or levering myself out of a chair, though, but it’s not really bad pain.  So, I’ll continue to sleep on my back for a little while.  While sleeping I also keep an ice pack over my belly, which I think helps.  Funny enough, I actually feel best when I’m sitting up and walking around:  I hardly feel any pain at all.

I told my friend it’s very hard to believe I had surgery only yesterday!  I’ve been walking around my apartment every hour, and doing my little exercises (3 knee lifts on each leg, shoulder rolls, and raising myself onto the balls of my feet 5 times) and the breathing exercises into the plastic device they gave me.  I felt like having some fresh air, so my friend came with me for a slow walk around the outside of my apartment building.  It was nice to be outside in the brisk air and sunshine for a few minutes.

For lunch my friend made me some homemade vegetable beef barley soup, which I had with some crackers and ginger ale.  Again, no problems at all, which I continue to be grateful for.  At lunch I cut down my pain pill in half, and again felt sleepy not too long after it hit my system so I took a nap for about an hour and a half.  I don’t normally sleep so much, but I know my body is recovering from a trauma and that sleep can help with healing.

I took another slow stroll around the building this afternoon, and it was again refreshing to be outside.  I think the fresh air can only help both physically and mentally.

For snacks today I’ve had a popcicle (morning snack), and saltine crackers with an 8 ounce glass of almond milk (afternoon snack).  I really love almond milk!  It tastes better than regular milk, has less calories than fat-free milk, and more vitamin D!  Again, I had no problems with any of this, and was very pleased that my system is doing well as I slowly reintroduce normal food.  For my evening snack I  had a small cup of low-fat cottage cheese along with some saltine crackers, and it seems as though I did okay with that too.

Dinner was another homemade soup with  saltine crackers (again!) and ginger ale.  This time it was ham and potato soup with corn, onions, celery, and a little bit of tomato thrown in for taste.  My friend didn’t add any salt to it (I also have hypertension), and it was a little bit on the bland side but it was perfect for me right now.  It was tasty and filling, and didn’t send me running to the bathroom later!

Again, I feel so incredibly grateful that my recovery seems to be going so well.  After reading so many horror stories I was more scared of what would happen to me after the surgery than the surgery itself!  I continue to wait for something “bad” to happen, though, since it just seems like it’s supposed to!  I told my friend I should stop saying stuff like that so I don’t jinx myself.

I haven’t had a bowel movement yet, which for me isn’t unusual.  I tend to go every few days, so this is normal for me.  I’m a little concerned that between the anesthesia and the pain meds that I might be constipated, but I won’t know until it’s time.  If I do have issues with it, I have some stool softners I can take to help out.  I’m hoping it isn’t necessary.  But if that’s the only problem I have, then I will still feel grateful.