Everything continues to go well.

I have stopped taking the pain meds prescribed for me and have been using only Tylenol now for a little over 24 hours.  Quite honestly I don’t feel like I really need it at this point, but I’ll take one more pill before going to bed tonight to make sure my sleep is as restful as possible.

I have stuck to eating simple things like soups, crackers, eggs, toast, jello, and ginger ale.  Today I also had some strawberries, and yogurt (Activia).  I haven’t had any problems with anything I’ve eaten so far, although sometimes my stomach seems to feel a little unhappy.  It could be from my system being a little out of whack from the surgery and all the medication.  I really don’t know, but don’t feel like it’s a problem.  I don’t feel sick or like anything is disagreeing with me — it’s more of a faint feeling of “hmmmm.  I don’t know about this…” from my tummy.  It usually fades after a little while.

I was becoming concerned that I hadn’t had any bowel movements yet at all, since I had been expecting one since the surgery.  I don’t normally “go” every day, but the last time I did was the day before surgery.  I was getting anxious that maybe things were getting backed up in there, so I drank some prune juice last night before going to bed and again mid-morning today.  I finally “went” this afternoon, although it wasn’t an easy one so I took some stool softners with lunch.  I’m sure that the pain meds and anesthesia are at least partially to blame for my difficulty, so now that I’m not taking the meds anymore I’m hoping things will get easier as everything is flushed out of my system (pun intended).

I’ve been napping every day, sometimes for an hour or two at a time, and taking easy walks outside a few times a day around my apartment building.  I’m still doing knee lifts, although I’ve increased the amount that I do slowly to 20.  I’ve started doing ballet-type squats with my feet wide apart.  I started yesterday doing 5, and today have been doing 7 every hour.  The breathing exercises and shoulder rolls also continue every hour, and I also do easy arm exercises (like raising my hands over my head in a slow sweep, or “rowing” my arms gently).  I am restless to do more, but remind myself to take it easy lest I overdo things and suffer a setback.

Today I was successfully able to turn and lay on my side to sleep, although I had to do it gingerly or risk pulling at my incisions and the whopper of a deep bruise under my belly button.

On Sunday I’m planning to meet a friend for breakfast at a restaurant (CoCo’s).  I will be eating from the “diet” portion of the menu, since I am not at all tempted to eat fatty foods yet.  I am content to stick with eating low fat/healthy fare for the time being, which means soups, crackers, and the like.  I feel that maybe in a few weeks I will try my system out with something fatty (like a tuna sandwich from Subway), but not just yet.