On Christmas I celebrated with my family, and finally put things to the test a bit more:  throughout the day I ate lots of potato chips with dip, tortilla chips with guacamole dip, bacon wrapped asparagus, various pieces of chocolate, egg salad, and finally cupcakes for dessert.  I waited nervously for bad results and a dash to the nearest bathroom, but it never came.

So far it seems as though I am one of the truly lucky ones who can eat just about anything without negative effects.  I feel incredibly fortunate and am counting my blessings!

Next week I will really test it out by having a cheeseburger and some fries.  I’ll get it as take out and eat it at home, just in case!

Physically, I feel pretty much back to normal.  I’ve doing my morning workouts and evening jogs on my treadmill with little trouble.  It’s still a wee bit sore around my belly button incision when I start hopping around, so I’m still taking things kind of easy, but I expect that problem will go away soon.

I have continued to lose weight, and since surgery  two weeks ago I have lost 8 pounds.  I’m hopeful that I won’t encounter the problem of sudden and uncontrollable weight gain down the line, as many on the internet have complained about.

My next post will probably be at the 1 month mark, unless something noteworthy happens in the meantime.