Here I am 2 months later, and if it weren’t for the little scars on my belly I could almost believe I’d never even had the surgery at all.  My life has 100% gone back to normal in every way.

Since the last post I made, I have tried all of my old greasy, fatty, artery clogging favorite foods, with NO problems at all.  This means I’ve had pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni, huge cheeseburgers from Carl’s Jr and Red Robin, cakes, cookies, sweets of all kinds, potato chips & dip, cheese, and so on.  And I haven’t just nibbled on these things — I stuffed myself with them!  No problems whatsoever.  I’ve also had salads, veggies, and other things I’ve read give people problems after gallbladder surgery, without a hitch.  No problems with any food at all.  None.  Nada.  Zip.

I have continued to lose weight, although at a slower rate than I had been.  This isn’t really a surprise to me, and I don’t blame it on the gallbladder removal.  I’m at my “set point” weight, where my body is perfectly happy to maintain and will fight me hard for every pound I want to lose from here on out.  I know this from experience.  So, no, it’s not my lack of a gallbladder making it hard to lose these last pounds.

Now I feel kind of silly about how much I stressed over the surgery and the possible consequences of it.  I know I’m very lucky that I haven’t had any issues at all, and I continue to count my blessings.  Life has gone on as normal for me, and I’m truly sorry for those who’s lives have been negatively affected by having the same surgery.  But, not everyone is affected like that and happily I’m one of those who seems to have escaped anything bad (so far!).

I will check in again in a few months, probably at  the 6 month mark, to update my status– good or bad.